TW Fellowship Meeting Oct. 12th Heather Holleman

Our first TW Fellowship Meeting for the new 16-17 year will be on Wednesday, Oct. 12th from 12-1pm in SH 202.  Our guest speaker will be Dr. Heather Holleman.  She will be speaking on “Loving Students Well” via Skype.


Dr. Holleman graduated from the University of Virginia and then went on to finish her PhD in English Literature from the University of Michigan. She teaches college writing—both Freshman Composition and Advanced Writing—at Penn State.  She loves writing books, encouraging teachers, and reflecting on spiritual principles in everyday life. She also serves on the staff of Cru with her husband (who serves as the Executive Director of Graduate Student Ministry). Her favorite Psalm is Psalm 16, and her three favorite Bible verses are Galatians 2:20, Ephesians 2:6, and Deuteronomy 31:6. 


TWU Christian Fellowship Seeks Affinity Status

christian-leadershipThis spring, the university set up standards for informal organizations to become official university affinity groups. The link can be found at

The application requires each group to present their mission, officers and annual activities or events within the affinity group application. TW Christian Fellowship has begun the process to complete the application by electing officers for the next year. The nomination form has been sent through the listserv. This is a critical step to completing the application. The advantages of becoming an official affinity group is being able to use TWU email system to announce meeting and reserve facilities.

This new infinity group process creates a wonderful opportunity to build awareness of the TWU Christian Fellowship group and the Christian values that are so important to many of our faculty and staff. The leadership team met in May and has already planned the events & dates for 2016-17. You can find them on the homepage menu under “upcoming” events. We also plan to move our monthly meetings to Thursdays in the new year since many of you indicated that this day is better than Wednesday. We hope that you will consider becoming involved in the leadership team or serving as an officer. Each officer has specific assignments that split the work up between many people. This approach is to encourage more people to join in so the operational responsibilities are kept at a low level. This has worked well over the past years. Please pray for the election of officers and for our ongoing work together – encouragement and faithfulness – Ephesians 2:10

We look forward to a exciting year!

TWU Christian Fellowship Leadership Team

“Cheating in College – Where it happens and Why Students Do It?”


On March 30th – in Student Union room 206 at 12 noon,  Nancy DiMarco will lead an important discussion with a faculty panel on “Why Students are Tempted to Cheat in College.” Kyle Voyles,  TWU Executive Director of Civility and Community Standards will share some opening comments on recent TWU trends and how TWU is addressing these Honor Code violations.

Simple economic incentives encourage students to cheat, so the practice is unlikely to abate anytime soon without a major system overhaul, Carol Poster writes for Inside Higher Ed.

Students have many options available to them when it comes to cheating that save time and are cost-effective. For example, Poster says, suppose a student must choose between spending 20 hours to write a term paper or working. She can earn $180 for 20 hours of work at her job and buy a term paper online for $80, meaning she has $100 left over that she wouldn’t have earned if she had written the paper herself.


Please invite a faculty or staff to join this discussion.

Nancy DiMarco, PhD, RDN,CSSD is the Director of the Institute for Women’s Health and Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences. She has taught for almost 35 years at TWU. In addition, she is the pianist and lay speaker for her local church.